Company Summary

Fierce Revolution Coaching, LLC is here to revolutionize the employee experience through coaching techniques centered around the balance of passion, purpose, and talent. These techniques are rooted in integrity, accountability, connection, and fierce support.  The company specializes in career selection, leadership skills, and advancement.

Fierce Revolution Coaching, LLC aims to build a business dedicated to increasing joy and kindness in the world by empowering students and career professionals to challenge generational oppression and limiting beliefs that pressure individuals to pursue societal expectations in place of passions and true purpose.  The business wants to positively impact 1 million people within 10 years of start-up.

Mission Statement

          To reinvent the education system by blowing up societal expectations, limiting beliefs, and conditioned living to unleash generations of empowered, authentic, fearless, unstoppable career professionals that will improve the world.

Company History

  Fierce Revolutions Coaching, LLC was founded by Michelle Nus in 2021.  She is a businesswoman, student, mother, and wife that turned around career burnout, an unfulfilling work environment, and huge limiting beliefs that kept her stuck in an unhealthy body, an unbalanced lifestyle, and familial guilt.  In essence, the company was founded from the ashes of career dispassion, severe obesity, a bi-polar home life, and spiritual disconnection.  After making great progress of her own, Michelle became passionate about finding ways to help others find the same up-leveling of joy that comes from balanced improvements in the core areas of life. 

Meet Coach Michelle

               Michelle is located in beautiful Cedar Falls, Iowa.  She and her husband have survived marriage for 20 years.  Their two amazing and active children are the center of their worlds along with their two awesome dogs.  She loves to read, swim, do yoga, and volunteer.  Michelle earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern Iowa and her MBA from Purdue Global University.  She studied Strategic Intervention Coaching with Mark and Magali Peysha, members of Tony Robbins team. She has spent over 20 years in the corporate world with progressive roles up to executive leadership.

            Michelle’s life journey has included challenges with weight and body image, confidence, career direction, relationships, and spirituality.  She has found powerful methods to transform in each of these areas.  She is a work in progress, much like many of her coaching and inspirational mentors.  She is passionate about helping others who feel lost, unfulfilled, or disengaged from their current circumstances to regain the confidence, control, and clarity of their direction.  Nothing is as fulfilling as watching someone fly to freedom than knowing you played a role in helping them find their wings.


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