Most relevant right now, businesses are faced with enormous resource constraints.  ‘The Great Resignation’ is impacting most businesses and human resource departments are struggling to keep existing employees let alone hire more.  The biggest key to stop the bleeding is to retain the resources that you’ve got while building a business culture that appeals to candidates.  Professional business coaches are a supplemental resource that can increase the satisfaction and engagement of current employees while offering insight into the elements the business is lacking to increase retainment and entice new, quality candidates.  Professional business coaches often also offer a variety of training options like employee-to-employee conflict management, leadership training, accountability to supplement what the business is currently able to offer.

Above all else, employees want to feel valued…there’s no better way than to show them that the business is willing to invest in their future.  


Are you contemplating joining in ‘The Great Resignation’ but you’re just not sure?  You’re unfulfilled, you no longer have passion towards your job (or maybe you never did), you struggle to get out of bed to go to work, or you just feel completely unbalanced between your job and your personal life.  Professional business coaches can help you identify how to get that spark back in your career.  They teach you and guide you with tools that you can use both professionally and personally at any point in your life.  They give you the accountability and support that has been scientifically proven to aid in sustainable change.    


To my newest passion – the families with students that are venturing into the ‘real’ world.  Those that are in the process of trying to decide on education choices and career path selection.  Particularly the families of young students coming out of high school, we as a society have done a great disservice to you.  We’ve created an immense pressure on you all to put the student or the family unit in an immense amount of debt (or a least take a chunk out of the bank account) to pursue an education towards A) a career path the student hasn’t even decided on yet, or B) a career field that statistics say the student isn’t likely to stay with in the long term.  Oftentimes, the biggest pressure comes from the family unit, which stems from generations of limiting beliefs.  

As a professional business coach, I can provide guidance and tools for the family unit to help the student decide on a path forward in a productive, win-win method. The family unit will truly connect, support each other, and recognize and dispel areas of individual fears and limits that hold each other back from a path of joy and success. 

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